3 Summer Car Care Tips

Summer car care tips | Downtown Autogroup | Toronto, ON

The weather might be milder in the summer, but your car can still take a beating when the temperature rises. During the warmer months, it’s still important to keep your car running smoothly. Here are some summer car care tips to help your car stay in tip-top shape this summer.

1. Check your coolant system and air conditioning

No one likes being hot during the summer, so make sure your coolant system and air conditioning are working well. Check your car’s coolant levels and get the system’s hoses and the coolant reservoir checked out here at Downtown Autogroup. Also, make sure your air-conditioning system isn’t leaking. These steps will ensure both you and your car’s engine stay cool in hot weather.

2. Change your windshield wipers

Rain happens all year round in Toronto, which means your windshield wipers are paramount to your safety. Make sure they’re in tip-top condition, checking for cracks in the rubber and any streaks when they’re in use.

3. Protect your dashboard

The sun’s damaging rays can really do a number on your car’s interior, not only heating it up but also causing ultraviolet damage to your dashboard’s upholstery. Use a sunshade to protect your car’s dashboard and keep its interior temperature a bit cooler so you won’t have to endure a sweltering interior when you get in.

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