Essential Safety Features for Your Next Car

Essential Safety Features for Your Next Car | Downtown AutoGroup | Toronto, ON

Advanced safety technology is growing more and more popular throughout the automotive industry. With many vehicles coming standard with a suite of these safety technologies, it’s so much easier to feel more confident out on the road. Here are some of the essential safety features you should consider when searching for your next car.

Automatic Emergency Braking. With automatic emergency braking, your vehicle can apply your brake if it detects an imminent collision. This technology has reduced frontal collisions with injuries by 53 percent. While this technology isn’t a substitute for being attentive behind the wheel, it can help you when your reaction time isn’t as quick as you’d like to prevent a collision. On some vehicles, you can also opt for a rear automatic braking system, which appear to reduce crashes while backing up by 78 percent.

Pedestrian Detection. Alongside many automatic emergency braking systems is pedestrian detection technology. As you might guess from its name, this technology looks ahead, automatically braking when it detects a person in front of you.

Blind-Spot Detection. Change lanes with confidence when you’re driving with blind-spot detection. This system lets you know when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot, allowing you to switch lanes without worrying. Because many people turn off these systems, the numbers are difficult to analyze, but it currently appears that this type of system has reduced crashes by around 14 percent.

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