Spring Car Cleaning Tips for a Fresh Start

Spring Car Cleaning Tips | Toronto, ON

Have you thought about how to give your vehicle a fresh start in the warmer months? Start with these spring car cleaning tips and help your ride sparkle like new.

Give your vehicle a thorough wash. With winter’s ice-crusted windshields and stubborn road salt, your car’s exterior can really take a beating. If you leave it dirty for too long, it might even start to rust. To prevent lasting damage, make sure you include a thorough exterior washing as part of your car’s spring cleaning. Clean the tires with tire-cleaning spray and don’t forget to clean the undercarriage, too.

Tidy the interior. Over the course of the cold months, it’s likely that you’ve amassed a collection of litter and a coat of dust or dirt inside your car. Tidy up your car’s interior by getting rid of the trash and wiping down your dashboard.

Clean your floor mats. Your vehicle’s floor mats are probably dirty with dried mud or leftover road salt. Remove them from your car and give them a good vacuum and scrub. If they’re carpeted mats, use carpet cleaner; if they’re rubber mats, wipe them down with warm water and soap to help them look like new.

Follow these tips for a fresher-looking car this spring — and be sure to catch up on under-the-hood maintenance with a visit to a service department at a Downtown Autogroup dealership.