Should You Fix or Replace Your Old Car?

Should You Fix or Replace Your Old Car | Toronto, ON

Sometimes, our tried-and-true older vehicles let us down. If you’ve found yourself on the side of the road with a breakdown, you’re faced with a big decision: Should you fix or replace your old car? Here, we look at the pros and cons of each to help you with your decision.

Fix It

The sentimental attachment you have to your old vehicle is one of the biggest pros of fixing it — you will get to keep a car that you love, even if you have to give it a bit of love to keep it running smoothly.

If you fix up your new car, you will also likely spend less money than you would if you replace one, since bills to fix your vehicle are usually lower than the cost of a replacement car.

Replace It

Replacing your old car means you won’t have to worry about future breakdowns. While a newer vehicle breaking down isn’t unheard of, the likelihood is far lower than it would be with your older vehicle.  

Sometimes, your old car’s mechanical issues can cost more than you expected. That repair price of $3,000 to $5,000 or more could easily be a down payment on a newer and better car instead.   

Buying used is a great option for replacing your old car. With a pre-owned vehicle, you won’t have to worry about your car losing a big chunk of its value in the first year. Plus, you can still get new technologies, premium appointments, and more.

If you’re ready to bid farewell to your old ride, stop in at a Downtown Autogroup location and check out our wide selection of outstanding used vehicles.

Start 2020 Right with These New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers

New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers | Toronto, ON

Every time the calendar begins again on New Year’s Day, people around the world set new resolutions to improve themselves. Are you planning to join them? This year, consider one of these New Year’s resolution for drivers.  

Practice eco-friendly habits. If you want to help the environment, you don’t have to trade in your car for a hybrid model — though that will certainly help. Instead, begin by practicing eco-friendlier habits. Avoid idling in rush-hour traffic, make sure you accelerate smoothly, and take public transportation if you can. This will help you reduce your fuel consumption, therefore reducing the impact you have on the Earth’s atmosphere.

Don’t forget your car’s routine maintenance. Life can get busy, which makes it difficult to remember your car’s regular maintenance. Vow to make sure your vehicle gets the maintenance it needs — when it needs it.

Go on an adventure. A fresh start means it’s time for some adventure. Rather than putting off your dream road trip, why not take it in 2020? Create a bucket list of road-trip destinations you want to see, pack up your car, and head out on the open road.

Here at Downtown Autogroup, we encourage you to consider these resolutions for drivers as you strive to meet your goals in 2020.