Important Summer Safety Items for Your Vehicle

Important Summer Safety Items for Your Vehicle | Toronto, ON

Summer is a great time of the year to head out of Toronto and explore the great outdoors surrounding our city. If you’re planning on heading out for a weekend adventure, though, you should consider your family’s safety. Pack up these important summer safety items in your vehicle to give yourself peace of mind on the go.

Portable Car Battery Charger

Getting stuck with a car that won’t start due to a dead battery is no fun, especially if you’re out in the wilderness or far from the city. Make sure you always have jumper cables or a portable car battery charger. The portable chargers sometimes come with accessories like USB ports to help you charge your mobile phone, too.

Spare Tire

If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, it’s always handy to have a spare tire in the trunk to help you get to the nearest garage or to Downtown Autogroup, where we can help you get fitted with a new tire.

Emergency Supplies

You never know when an emergency might occur. Be prepared for anything with some emergency supplies. These should include a sun shelter, portable phone charger, first aid kit, road safety triangles, a multi-purpose tool, and water and snacks in case you’re waiting for a while.

For more suggestions on summer safety items to keep in your vehicle, or for service to help you drive more confidently, contact one of our service departments at Downtown Autogroup.

Back-to-School Safety Tips for Drivers

Back To School | Toronto, ON
Rear view of group of elementary students raising their hands ready to answer the question. Focus is on schoolgirl.

Summer is almost over and the new school term is just around the corner. As you prepare your kids to head back to class with supplies and new clothes, make sure you’re also preparing yourself to drive through school zones. Here are some back-to-school safety tips that will help you prepare.

Keep an eye out for children. Children are small and easily excitable. This means they might not be paying attention to where they’re going, or dart in the road without looking. Be vigilant as you’re driving around schools to ensure you can stop in time if a child does run from between parked cars.

Follow the speed limit. School zones have a set speed limit to keep students safe. Children on their way to school can easily get distracted, accidentally stepping into the street. Sticking to the speed limit can help ensure you can stop in time to prevent any accidents.

Obey crossing guards. Crossing guards are there to help keep children safe. Don’t ignore any directions you receive from them. If you’re at a traffic light and it turns green, but the crossing guard says to stay stopped, do what the guard indicates — he or she is trying to ensure that children are safely across the road before your vehicle moves.

Want to learn how Downtown Auto can help get you in a new, safe vehicle before school starts? Check out our new and used inventory of multiple brands and locations!