AWD or FWD: What’s The Best Choice for Your New SUV?

Toyota RAV4 AWD | Downtown AutoGroup | Toronto, ON
Toyota RAV4 AWD | Downtown AutoGroup | Toronto, ON

There’s no denying that winter in Toronto can be hard on drivers. But do you need all-wheel drive to thrive out on the snowy, icy roads? Here’s a look at whether AWD or FWD is the right option for your next SUV purchase.

All-Wheel Drive

A vehicle with all-wheel drive sends its power to every wheel. This allows the wheels to compensate when one starts to slip, giving you better traction out on the road. If you’re constantly driving in tough conditions, an AWD-equipped vehicle will give you the grip you need. There are multiple types of AWD systems, including a partial system that will only send power to all wheels when it needs it. This makes it more efficient than a typical full-time system.

Front-Wheel Drive

Front-wheel drive is a simpler system than all-wheel drive, making it easier and less expensive to maintain. Because this system is also lighter, FWD vehicles also tend to have better fuel economy. With FWD, your vehicle will be sending all of its power to the two front wheels. This gives these types of vehicles better traction when climbing hills and is even a good option for rainy conditions. Thanks to anti-lock braking and traction control, FWD vehicles can even take on snow, though they’re not as good at it as AWD rides are.

The upshot: AWD vehicles are best for traction in bad weather. However, FWD vehicles are plenty capable, too, and also more efficient. You can find great examples of both right here at Downtown Autogroup in Toronto, and our friendly sales staff will be glad to help you make the choice that’s best for your needs.