How to Care for Your Vehicle’s Windshield Wipers

How to Care for Your Vehicle’s Windshield Wipers | Toronto, ON

Visibility is a crucial part of driving safely, and your vehicle’s windshield wipers play a huge role in helping you stay out of danger. Along with replacing them when needed, it’s also important to know how to properly use and care for wipers.

1. Don’t use wipers on a dry windshield

Although it might seem harmless to run the wipers across the windshield to get some pesky leaves to fall to the side of your car, doing so can actually harm the wipers and cause them to tear or crack. Toss those leaves aside before getting in the vehicle and only use wipers when the windshield is wet, either from rain, snow, or via the wiper fluid.

2. Turn the wipers off before stopping the engine

When it’s pouring down rain, it can be easy to forget to turn the windshield wipers off before leaving your vehicle. But if you forget to do this, they will start running the next time you turn the car back on. This could lead to the previous issue of using wipers on a dry windshield.

3. Scrape ice and defrost first

We know it’ll be a while before the chilly weather comes back, but before we get into the thick of it, it’s important to know that you should always defrost the windshield and scrape any ice off before using the wipers. Heavy snow and ice can cause the wipers to get stuck on the windshield and cause damage to them.

If the windshield wipers on your vehicle need to be replaced, our service department at Downtown AutoGroup is here to help. Contact our team to schedule an appointment to ensure you’re driving safely.