The Benefits of Winter Tires

Benefits of Winter Tires | Toronto, ON

Winter roads in Toronto are nothing to laugh at. From snow to ice, ensuring your vehicle can handle the slippery road ahead can be difficult. That’s where winter tires come in. Winter tires are a great way to improve your safety on the road when the weather gets colder. Here are some of the ways winter tires are designed to protect you.  

Built For Cold Weather

Unlike all-season tires, winter tires were created with a special rubber compound that can put up with extremely cold temperatures. While all-season tires stiffen as temperatures get colder, winter tires stay flexible, helping them to grip the pavement more effectively.

Unique Tread Depth & Patterns

Deeper treads and unique tread patterns work together to increase the traction of winter tires. The special tread patterns channel snow and slush away from the centre of the tire, while also expelling water. Deep treads reduce snow buildup in the treads, allowing them to give you more control.

Increased Biting Edges

The edge of your tires has tiny ridges, called biting edges. These features can help provide traction on slick ice, so winter tires increase the number of these biting edges to provide better traction on icy roads.

Now that there’s a chill in the air, you’re invited to stop in soon at one of our Downtown Autogroup locations in Toronto to learn more about winter tires or have them installed on your vehicle.